More Flamingos Live By This Lake Than Anywhere Else In The World

Once you start thinking about Africa, it can be really hard to stop. The sheer number of nations, languages, people and animals is absolutely mind-boggling, not to mention its size. In fact, one could fit the United States, India, China and most of Europe into Africa’s borders quite comfortably. It’s a diverse land, full of extraordinary sights, and this next one only gives us even more reason to dream of Africa.

There is a national park in Nairobi, Kenya that borders Lake Nakuru. From an aerial view, the lake appears to be severely littered ...

But each of those specks is one of millions – yes, millions – of flamingos. 

More flamingos make Lake Nakuru their home than any other place in the world. 


They are attracted to the lake’s algae, which serves as their primary food source. 

Visitors come from all around the world to see this incredible sight.

Just look at them all … I bet their squawking can get quite loud! 

While flamingos are known for their vibrant pink color, they are actually born with gray feathers. The pink hue develops over time, and is due to their diet of algae and other organisms, such as shrimp. 


However, flamingos aren’t the only residents of this national park, which also includes lions, leopards, giraffes and rhinos. 

Of course, none are so populous as the flamingos. 

Did you know a flock of flamingos is called a flamboyance? This is definitely among the most flamboyant, and incredible, sights we have ever seen! 

Via: Sliptalk | skot_leopold

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