Most Children Look More Like One Parent Than The Other, But These Kids Are Downright Clones

Looking for physical resemblances - "he's got his mother's eyes" or "her daddy's smile" - is hard to resist with newborn babies. But as those babies grow into children, sometimes the resemblance grows as well. HuffPost Parents put out the call for parents to send in a photo of themselves at the same age as their kid for a side-by-side comparison. Some of these look like they are straight out of a time machine. There were 650 parents who submitted their photos. Here is just a sampling of the most uncanny parent-child resemblances.

1. Dad and daughter

 Corin Kane

2. Mom and son, both at a year and a half

Lauren Malone Harrison

3. Mom and son at 5 months

Kate Michalowski

4. Mom and daughter, swimming at age 8

Ashley L’Herault Peters

5. Mom and daughter blondes

Danielle McCoy


6. Mom and daughter, indistinguishable at 10 days old

Adrienne Tolentino Essey

7. Mom and daughter at 2 years old

Ammie Thakkar

8. Mom and daughter first grade pictures

Joelle Delancey

9. Dad and daughter

Megan Coe

10. Mom and daughter, each 11 months old

Megan Griffith

11. Mom and daughter baby grins

Dee Vee


12. Mom and daughter

Erin Amerling

13. Dad and daughter, 5 and 4 years old

Calre Reed Rossetto

14. Three generations: grandma, mom and daughter at 2

Stephanie Lightcap

15. Mom and daughter matching smiles


Credit: HuffPost Parents Facebook

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