Most People Doodle When They're Bored, But What This Artist Does With His Doodles Is Mind Blowing.

Okay, let’s be honest. Everyone doodles. You probably doodle more than you like to admit. While at work, talking on the phone, watching TV – if there is pen and paper nearby, you are most likely drawing some absent-minded squiggles.

Doodles are a great way to the pass time, and for some they can open a door to artistic passion. But did you ever think that doodles themselves could be this good?

Artist Kerby Rosanes shows just how much you can do with a pen and paper in these mind-blowing sketches. These “doodles” demonstrate an incredible eye for detail, as well as some serious talent. 


Kerby Rosanes draws sketches that are absolutely mesmerizing. Check out the amount of detail in this lion. 

Most of the work isn’t drawn to be life-like, but rather abstract and surreal. 


This octopus leading the night sky is breath-taking. 

This one is so full of detail, I could stare at it forever. 

Even when the subject appears simple, it’s not – here is a centaur with a bow, but if you look closely, you can see foxes within the curling flames. 

This doodle depicts the ways that industrialization harms the natural environment – it’s an image that really sticks with you. 

However, some of the doodles are also fun and fanciful. Here is a young girl taking a ride on a stork swing. 


The way he is able to incorporate so many subjects into one image is truly impressive. 

Here is another sobering sketch about the negative impact humans have on the environment. 

These “doodles” have really crossed the line and become amazing works of art. I can’t wait to see what Rosanes will draw next. 

Credit: Kerby Rosanes

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