Mother Creates $12 Water-Filled Mat

Having fun in the yard is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a kid in the summer. As many of us may recall, the kid who was lucky enough to have a pool in their backyard was always envied by others. Being able to swim whenever you want was one thing, but more importantly, you were able to stay cool while being in the hot sun with your friends and siblings. Not every one can afford this luxury, but with only $12, this mother created a great alternative that her kids can't get enough of.

Leisha, a mother, started on the project by creatively using painter's plastic. It's fairly durable, so kids should be able to play on it without it ripping to shreds.

She used the plastic to form a massive bag. Instead of using duct tape to seal the edges, she ironed them to form a durable leak-free seal.


Leisha went over the seal multiple times to make sure that it wouldn't come apart. A strong seal is vital to the bag not bursting with the weight of children on it.

Leaving a tiny hole at one corner, she had just enough room to fill the entire bag with water.

Any imperfections in the plastic were patched up with some duct tape.


Following this came the ultimate test of durability — children.

Filled with hose water, Leisha's kids were able to stay cool while playing on it in the sun. It instantly became a favorite in the household.

What child wouldn't love playing on one of these?

Via: 3D FirstAid Visual Architecture | Homemade Toast

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