Motivational Speaker Goes On Powerful Tangent After Students Disrespect Him

Eric Thomas, a.k.a. "ET The Hip Hop Preacher" is a world-renowned pastor, educator, and motivational speaker. At 51 years old, he holds a Ph.D. and is an undoubted success by nearly any measure, but it wasn't always that way. He's overcome a lot in his life and uses his story to help motivate others.

Today, he's invited to speak to professional sports teams, huge corporations, CEOs, and more, making several thousands of dollars for a single appearance. ET also gives back, though, and regularly engages in pro bono events at schools. When he chose a school in ST. Louis, Missouri, however, he was disappointed when a group of students in the audience kept disrespecting him by talking while he was.

This sent ET on a very powerful, impromptu tangent, speaking to the kids with intense passion and conviction. It's definitely something I doubt these kids will ever forget.

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H/T: etthehiphoppreacher

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