Muralist Uses "narrative Illusionism" To Uncover Hidden Worlds Around Us

The photos below will definitely play tricks with your eyes. You may even think natural distasters might have taken a serious toll on some of these buildings. Thankfully, the reality is nowhere near as grim. In fact, it’s actually pretty awesome. John Pugh is a world-famous artist who is renowned for his murals. He describes his work as “narrative illusionism”, and, taking one look at his work, you can see why.

Simply incredible.

Taylor Hall at the California State University, Chico was John’s first major commission in 1980.

A mural for the Fremont Aqua Adventure Water Park.

A lot of John’s work reveals something unexpected, such as this rainforest scene on the side of the Del Oro Theater in Grass Valley, CA.

You can almost hear the jazz.


Waiting rooms would be a lot more interesting if they all had murals like this.

You’d almost think the wall was cut out and you’re peeking inside.

Believe it or not, the dog and woman peering in are also part of the mural.

A sci-fi mural created for a tech company in San Jose, CA.

John’s murals have an uncanny ability to create the illusion of space and depth.

This masterpiece can be found on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, CA.


Ships in bottles are for suckers, how about a whole bay?

The artist at work.

I’m so in awe of his creativity and artistic ability. As someone who can just barely manage to play pictionary, I’d give anything to have even a fraction of his ability. If you’d like to learn more about John or check out his other works, check out his website.

Credit: John Pugh

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