Need A Fresh Start? Try Bringing The "Outside In" With This Crazy Airbnb

Airbnb revolutionized the way people vacation. Think Uber for hotels, since users are the hosts who rent their rooms or property for a set price. Even though people have had both positive and negative experiences with the service, it's a reliable and affordable way to stay in a city on a short visit while meeting some new friends in the process.

Some people have taken Airbnb to the next level by creating one-of-a-kind rooms and houses. We're going to a take a look at a few unique places available on Airbnb before focusing on a specific outdoors-themed rental.

1. King Of The Castle


Surprisingly, there are quite a few castles available in Ireland on Airbnb that rent for anywhere from $40 per night to around $300 per night. 

2. Polar Bear Club

Become a real polar bear by sleeping in one of the many igloos for rent on Airbnb that you can stay in for as little as a $1.

3. Deserted Island Getaway


You can strand yourself on your own deserted island! Your own private island in Ilha Grande has 6 bedrooms, holds up to 14 guests, and goes for $1,650 per night.

4. Man's Best Friend's Best House


Or you can stay inside of a dog. Dog Bark Park Inn B&B is located in rural Idaho is shaped like a beagle and says, "Responsible dogs who arrive with their well-behaved humans are welcome to stay with advance reservations for canines and humans."

5. Airbnb Teamed Up With Pantone This Year


So far, the most interesting and colorful development from Airbnb in 2017 was the company's latest partnership rental with Pantone called the "Outside In" House in London, England.


6. "Outside In"


After a meager 2016, the project aimed to bring the outdoors to the inside for 2017 with what can only be described as an outside-inn.

7. A Fresh Start


The color specialist company's "color of the year" is "Greenery," so Pantone and Airbnb were encouraging London visitors to feel a welcoming sense of nature during a brisk January.

8. Welcome To The Woods


The entryway was like a leafy woodland foyer complete with park benches to enjoy a welcome break from the freezing temperatures and unbearable snow flurries.

9. Family Of Four


There is one master bedroom for the parents and a tented cubby hole for two small children. Imagine letting your kids camp in a tent without having to worry about bears.

10. A Living House


Nearly everything in the house was a living, breathing plant from the freshly mowed grass carpeting to the vines winding their way throughout the whole house.

11. Living In Living Art


The entire home/apartment was available only for a brief few nights to a family of four for only $260 per night. It seemed to be more of an art installation.


12. Cooking In A Greenhouse


The beautifully decorated and designed kitchen and eating space also doubles as a working greenhouse with fresh and lush herb gardens lining the flourishing walls.

13. Color Is Everything


The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a proprietary color space used in multiple industries to standardize color shades for printing textiles, plastics, and colored paint.

14. Green Means Go


This year's matching number for "Greenery" is 15-0343 but, as you can see, there are way more shades of green represented throughout the house.

15. Other Amenities


When the house was open from January 27-29, visitors were offered other special activities including terrarium making, Tai Chi classes, wallpaper painting, and other fresh events.

Even though you can't visit the "Outside In" anymore, it's never too late to celebrate the year of "Greenery."

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