Neighborhood Rallies Around Elderly Widow With A Messy Yard

We hear a lot from self-proclaimed righteous individuals as far as their credentials. Whether religious or secular, it seems like these people are way more interested in telling you how good they are instead of showing it. Words can only get you so far, however. Deeds are where the real respect is at. The folks featured in this video seem to have picked up on that concept in spades.

Hailing from an organization known as Operation Blessing, these men and women left no stone unturned (literally) in helping to clean out the home and yard of a 90-year-old widow named Agnes, who turned to them when she couldn't find anyone else to help. A relative had been dumping junk in her yard and home for years, and rather than offer to help, her neighbors simply reported the mess.

Facing fines she couldn't pay and a mess she didn't have the strength to deal with herself, Agnes contacted the group, who turned up in droves to get Agnes' homestead back in shape. They even performed repairs on her home, spruced up the landscape and got her a new air conditioner. Talk about service!

When you're looking to do some good in the world, it's important to remember that there are probably people closer to you than you think that need just as much help as anyone. You might not even realize it, but if you open your eyes, your ears, and your heart, you might just find someone right under your nose whose life you can improve through obvious, or maybe not-so-obvious means. Sometimes even holding a door open for someone can make a surprising difference to them.

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