Neighbors Were Confused When He Started Digging In His Yard, But Nobody Expected Him To Make This

Every homeowner has a dream project they imagine one day accomplishing. Most of us never get around to it, but the determined few who follow through more than make up for it. Wayne Martin had a dream for his backyard that some people might have found peculiar, but nothing was going to get in his way of finishing the project. Along the way, Wayne photographed his progress showing all the strange steps it took to accomplish. If you’re looking for a backyard accessory to make your neighbors jealous, or survive a zombie apocalypse, this is it. 

The first step was to find and purchase this 20ft shipping container.

Then he installed doors at either side.

Then he started digging.

He dug until he had a whole big enough to fit the entire shipping container.

A septic tank company was hired to move around the large container.

Then he dug a hole for a small sump pump.


Stairs were built to descend into the space.

Metal beams were installed at a height level with the stairs.

Then Wayne got to work on the roof.

It was all covered with a layer of corrugated metal

12-inch air vents were placed on both sides. It’s important to breathe.

A thick layer of concrete was poured over the top.

A row of cinderblocks marked the entrance.


It’s starting to look like a real shelter now.

High-quality soil was placed around the ground layer.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, Wayne’s fully stocked underground bunker.

A front row seat to watch the end of the world.

If Wayne’s project looked intriguing to you, you can watch a video of the bunker’s construction here.

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