New Barnacle “Parking Ticket” Covers Entire Windshield And Can't Be Removed

The new Barnacle parking “ticket” shares a lot in common with its namesake. Barnacles cling to slow moving sea animals and boats. This new ticket is doing something quite similar.

Kevin Dougherty, the president of Ideas That Stick describes The Barnacle.

"The Barnacle definitely gets your attention. It attaches to the windshield using commercial-grade suction cups that provide 750 lbs of force per suction cup.

There is no brute force way of getting it off.

It’s got a motorist-release feature which allows people to pay over the phone and enter a code on the Barnacle keypad. The device then automatically releases and the person drops it off within 24 hours to a predetermined location."


Sounds annoying as heck, doesn’t it? Well, you do the crime you do the time. The Barnacle seems like the perfect answer to bad parking. It’s bright and obnoxious. It’s like a big dunce cap so that everyone who passes you by knows that you did something wrong.

You won’t see police officers walking around with a bunch of these big things. This product is made to improve on the “boot” that prevents a car from moving. The Barnacle is advantageous because it sticks out and it’s much harder to remove. An added safety benefit is that whoever installs it doesn’t need to get in to traffic to put in on.


Want to see this thing in action?

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H/T: Ian Bush

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