New Form Of Robbery Happening At Gas Stations

A new crime is being committed called "sliding." The culprits, known as "sliders", are taking advantage of people being distracted while they are at gas stations. They then swoop up women's purses.

When a car stops at a gas station, either the driver will start pumping gas or head inside the gas station to buy something. When the driver leaves the car, a slider grabs items from the car. They're called sliders because they "slide" in and out of the car and the victim usually doesn't even know they've been robbed until later that day.

The few women who actually witness the robbery are already too late as the slider has already gotten into a get-away vehicle. The way to prevent this crime from happening to you is simple. Lock your doors. Even if you're just going to be out for a second, that's exactly when these robbers strike. Also, try to hide or lock away any valuables in your car.

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H/T: Gabbee

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