New Hospital Beds And 4 Other Inventions To Make Moms' Lives Easier

It's easy to see how much the business of being born has changed in the past few decades. With the uptick in prenatal care and the rise in hospital births, today's babies are most often born in entirely different circumstances than the babies of generations past. While many past modern advances in ante- and postnatal care, such as nurseries, have served to provide more separation between mom and baby, recent trends have been moving in the opposite direction.

That's where this new addition to the maternity wing at one hospital comes in.

Gelderse Vallei

The clip-on bassinets mean that a new mom can keep baby within arm's reach, which is especially helpful for moms recovering from a C-section or hard delivery. 

Dutch clinic Gelderse Vallei names keeping mother and baby together as much as possible as one of their main goals in their postpartum ward.

Gelderse Vallei

This closeness makes the recovery process easier on everyone, including the nurses, and makes it easier for parents to get used to caring for their newborn.


New research has shown that "rooming in," the practice of keeping mom and baby together for the entire hospital stay is beneficial, especially in supporting breastfeeding.

Gelderse Vallei

While baby still might need to be taken to the nursery for some reasons, these ingenious bassinets make keeping the new pair together easier.

Even outside of the hospital, companies have found that catering to new moms is a big boom for business, as evidenced by the wide array of available products designed with moms in mind.


While flying with an infant in tow is never easy, this clip-on sling called the Flyebaby gives baby some space, while keeping her secure.

As anyone who's ever had a baby will attest, much of those first few months is spent in bed. Feeding baby, trying to coax baby to sleep and giving baby a soft spot to play make the bed a prime location.

Back Buddy

All that time in bed can be hard on the back, however. The supportive Back Buddy pillow will help eliminate stiff, sore muscles from being seated uncomfortably.


When it comes time for baby to sit at the table like the rest of us, going out to eat can become a real adventure. This is especially true when you turn up at the restaurant and realize they're less than baby-friendly and have no highchairs.

Lobster Chair

The compact and lightweight Lobster Highchair can fit into a diaper bag and provides baby with a spot to eat (or more likely play with) his food.

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