New Parents (And Grandparents), Stop Immediately And Read. These Hacks Will Keep You Sane.

Being a new first-time parent means being inundated with questions. Do I need this? Am I a terrible parent if I don't buy this for my child? Does anyone make anything that actually makes this any easier?

Fortunately, second and third-time parents have been there and come out the other side like life-hacking ninjas. Here are their top tricks for making it all just a little tiny bit easier.

A laundry basket keeps the baby, the toys, and the bathwater all within easy reach.


Baby Vicks on the inside of a sock on the baby's feet stops nighttime coughs.

Day In My Life

A monster spray helps frightened kids sleep at night.


A hook on the back of the highchair holds spare bibs in case you go through two.

definitely jennifer

A crib sheet on top of a playpen keeps bugs out in summertime.

little baby watson

Freezing pacifiers in milk or juice soothes a teething baby.

The Johnston's

A pool noodle split down the side helps protect fingers from slamming doors.

diana mattoni

Custom-made temporary tattoos help a lost kid get back to you as quickly as possible. 


A bottle of water atop an adapter lets you use water bottles on the go.



The Keep-It-Kleen Pacifier closes when it's dropped.


This device from the Yachting Gourmet turns any faucet into a drinking fountain. 


A sign or piece of tape lets overeager kids know how much TP is the right amount.

amanda the virtuous wife

Sidewalk chalk fits into old deodorant containers to help contain the mess.


Add Jell-O mix for slow melt popsicles.

the paisley cupcake

A pool noodle under a fitted sheet will help keep little kids from rolling out of bed.


A kiddie pool corrals balls and wandering toddlers.

Jason Berberich

Old baby food jars are great for spices.

frugal decor mom

A washcloth puppet can help coax a stubborn kid into the tub.


Soaking a washcloth in chamomile tea will help a teething baby relax.

just for the beach | sleepbabysleep

A hot glue gun turns baby shoes slip proof.

Prudent Baby


Cupcake liners inside the car's cupholders keep them from getting sticky.


Open the flaps on the side of the juice boxes to keep from spraying juice everywhere.


Use a rubber band to add a tissue disposal box to the tissue box.

Wide Awake

Extra Band-Aids baby proof electrical outlets in a hotel.

Parent Hacks

Toys in a laundry mesh bag can go through the wash.

Flea Chic

Tracking the dosages on the side of a bottle helps you remember if you gave a dose or not - especially when you're sleep deprived.


Lint rollers can help clean up a playroom or craft table.

Real Simple

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