New Playground Caters To Grown-Ups

When it comes to physical activity, there are two major stereotypes: exercise fanatic or couch potato. Most of us, though, fall somewhere in between those two extremes. We take the stairs as often as possible, we get out and work in the yard, and we head to the gym when we can. It's a busy world, and exercise for health is definitely on our list of priorities - it just falls more toward the middle, just like where most of our calories seem to settle.  

We know that as we get older, it is vital to stay active. It's just that there are so many obstacles. Time is always against us, sometimes finances can hinder us, and, of course, our responsibilities keep growing. Before the day begins, there's a schedule for everyone in the house, and you're likely involved. After work there are innumerable errands, practices, recitals, and the like that leave us exhausted. So where are we to squeeze in the much-needed exercise?

Luckily, Greenfields Outdoor Fitness is breaking exciting new ground - adult playgrounds! Now, if you have time to stroll up the street, you have time to work out.

Since 2007, this company has sought to improve the health and well-being of many communities by offering these fitness zones free to the public.

There are a wide range of equipment options intended to offer exercise opportunities to all fitness levels.

Greenfields works with nonprofit organizations and healthcare providers to make these playgrounds available.


Many of the machines are designed for use with partners or groups to add a more social aspect to your workout.

Most of these pieces are geared to use resistance training - in other words, lifting all or some of your own body's weight.

In addition to the perks of the added exercise, it has been shown that time spent outside has its own health benefits.

Breathing fresh air instead of the smell of gym sweat and stale rubber? That's a no-brainer.

Greenfield's equipment is in use across the country, and its rugged construction is holding up well with use.


Recently, the company has added wheelchair-accessible units to allow even more members of the community the chance to play and be healthy.

They've also added their Professional Series, which uses adjustable hydraulics to challenge even the most avid fitness fan.

One of Greenfield's driving passions is to give everyone an opportunity to work out - regardless of income, training, or commitment levels.

If you're looking for an excuse to avoid working out, you won't find it on this playground!

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H/T: LittleThings | Greenfield Outdoor Fitness Equipment

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