New Products Are Invented Everyday, But These Wacky Vintage Inventions Are One Of A Kind

If you take a look at how far we've come in the field of technology in the last century, it's really mind-bending. I mean, in just 20 years we've gone from ubiquitous cordless phones to car phones to cell phones to built-in Bluetooth to wondering what the laws will be for driving with wearable technology like Google Glass. And although the early iterations were definitely valuable in getting us where we are today, in hindsight they look a little... quaint. Let's take a look at some vintage inventions that didn't quite make the cut.

1. An early model GPS.

It had a scroll, much like a player piano, that would adjust to the speed of your car.

2. A portable bridge

We don't have an app for this.

3. An early hair dryer.

It kind of looks like the inflatable man outside car dealerships.

4. A device for teaching your kid how to walk.

But you don't want her to get too used to the compassion of human closeness either.


5. A bicycle for the whole family.

How great that Mom can come too, but also never let up from the toil of homemaking.

6. A newspaper delivered by fax.

Just look at that shareable content.

7. A stretch RV.

Watch Dad try to parallel park this thing.

8. An amphibious bicycle.

For those guys who insisted on doing the triathlon in their business suits.

9. A one-wheel motorcycle.

Wheelies: you're doing them wrong.


10. An all-terrain vehicles.

One wheel, ten wheels, let's just play with wheels and see what happens.

11. Bicycle tire life preservers.

If it was as safety-conscious as it is fashion-forward...

12. A piano in bed.

I am in favor of anything that doesn't make me get out of bed.

Credit: Imgur

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