New Tampon To Relieve Period Cramps

As more states legalize medical marijuana, people are becoming more aware of its benefits. Marijuana is an effective painkiller that unlike other, narcotic painkillers, carries no risk of physical addiction.

A company called Foria has taken to developing products from cannabis. One new products promises to be the end of period cramps.

Cannabis Tampons

Though not technically tampons, they are inserted in a similar fashion. These suppositories are made from THC oil, CBD isolate, and organic cocoa butter. Supposedly these ingredients interact with the ovaries, uterus, and cervix to ease pain and discomfort.

How To Apply It

The product, known as Foria Relief, is developed to interact with tissue where it is inserted. That means it can be used vaginally or rectally, depending on where the pain and discomfort is located. 

Users are reporting relief in under half an hour of use. It's also recommended that it is used prior to inserting a tampon. 

Store unused suppositories in the fridge as they have a low melting point. 

Check out the product on their website.

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H/T: The Hearty Soul

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