New Toy Campaign Celebrates Differences With Custom-Made Dolls

May 28, 2015

Back in April, a grassroots campaign was started by a group of parents in the United Kingdom. They are parents of children with disabilities who called on the toy industry for better representation in toys. The campaign uses the hashtag #ToysLikeMe.

Parents uploaded pictures of dolls with special "make-your-own" features that they had already created to allow their child to have a toy that looks like her or him. Thousands of fans, pictures and tweets later, the group's efforts are paying off.

A toy company that specializes in customized, 3-D printed dolls just launched the world's first line of dolls with disabilities.

Makies allows children to go to their website at to customize their doll so that it is unique and personal.

Currently, the company has already produced three generalized dolls with disabilities: one with a facial birthmark, one with a cane and another one with a hearing aid.

Via: Distractify | Toy Like Me

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