Newborn Twins Refuse To Let Each Other Go During Bath Time

Building a bond with someone can take a long, long time. In some cases, however, that bond can be instant. The bond between twins, for example, is famously strong and the twins in this adorable video are no exception.

You see, twins actually have an opportunity to start bonding within the womb itself, and are therefore born knowing each other better than anyone could ever hope to know them. There are countless stories of twins who have incredibly strong connections to one another, with some even being able to "feel" if their twin is in pain or danger even if they're thousands of miles apart.

In the video below, you'll see a bath technique known as Baby Spa. When these newborn twins are submerged in the water, they don't even notice they have left the womb. Instead, they cling tightly to each other as if they were stillĀ in Mommy's belly. These two have many, many years to go before adult life potentially leads them away from each other, but it's already clear that this is one bond that will never be broken.

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H/T: Rochel Sonia

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