No One Accepted Her Friend's Baby Shower Invite, But What Her Dad Does Next Has The Gifts Rolling In

Bailey Bealefield was expecting her first baby, a girl, in just a few months. So her best friend threw her a baby shower and Bailey created a Wal-Mart registry of everything she needed as a first-time mom. But the shower date was approaching when the hostess looked at the RSVP list and was horrified to see that no one had RSVP'ed "yes" to the shower. Bailey's baby registry was empty as ever. Not wanting her friend to be upset by what's supposed to be a happy event in her life, Bailey's best friend reached out to her father for advice. What Dad did next was brilliant. 

He reached out to the community on Reddit: 

“(I'm posting this for my daughter-in-law who doesn't Reddit) My best friend of more than 10 years is pregnant with a baby girl and her baby shower is this weekend. I just found out that no one is planning on coming except for me.


I went to her registry on Walmart today and it has 0 items purchased so far. She’s obviously upset that no one RSVP’d for her baby shower and because I’m the only one attending and I was hoping Reddit would be able to help cheer her up.

Her registry items range from $0.97 bottles all the way up to a $27 Nursery monitor. I know a few random acts of kindness would really make her day this Sunday.”


Within days, all the items on Bailey's registry were purchased.

With the help of an Amazon wish list and random acts of kindness from strangers from across the world, their door soon filled with boxes of baby items to bring to Bailey on the day of her shower.

Several of the original invitees did turn out for the baby shower and everyone was blown away by the generosity of these kind strangers. “There are good people out there!” Bailey said, “I’ve never felt so good in my life, my baby is going to be taken care of.”

Via: Reddit

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