No, This Isn't A Log Cabin In The Woods. The Truth Behind It Is Actually So Much Better

Tucked away in the woods of Graubünden, Switzerland, modernist architect Nickisch Sano Walder built his own cozy cabin.

But there's something different about Walder's cabin.

Rather than traditional logs, Walder's cabin is made entirely from poured concrete.

The sharp, contemporary feel is even more apparent inside.


Walder prefers almost stark minimalism with only a few highly functional objects.

Yet, there's something meditative about his deliberate sparseness.

It gets plenty of natural light.

And somehow achieves a soothing warmth.


The views of nature are unobstructed.

And the concrete finds harmony in the natural rocks surrounding the cabin.

This soaking tub feels like a natural river pool with the rocks right outside.

Credit: Gauden Danuser

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