No Yards Are Required For These 25 Creative Gardens

Feb 12, 2015

Gardening has worldwide appeal, and for good reason. With the proper climate, you can grow just about anything. The charm in gardening lies with the endless possibilities to create something beautiful. When one thinks of gardening, in general, they think of large plots of land to raise beds of flowers and to grow vegetables.  But, these clever gardeners found a way to practice their green thumb passion in tiny, beautiful ways.

1. Wine Cork Garden

Inheriting Our Planet

Recycle wine corks into a succulent garden.

2. Birdhouse

Design Sponge

Moss and lichen camouflage this bird’s haven.

3. Thimble Garden

Small World Land

These thumb-sized plants fit perfectly in a thimble collection.

4. Cho-Mini Bonsai

This Is Colossal

This tiny bonsai tree only takes a small amount of pruning to keep it in shape. 

5. Syrup and Salt Shaker Terrariums

Auroras Creations

 These cute and rustic gardens will spice up your kitchen.

6. Teacup Garden

How To Consign

Mismatched and chipped teacups and saucers find a new life as pots for herbs.

7. Planter Pendants


Keep your gardening passion close to your heart with these portable green necklaces.

8. Sky Planter


Keep plants perfectly drained with an upside down garden.


9. Pocket Watch Gardens

Slug and Squirrel

Create timeless gardens by recycling these retro watches.

10. Fairy Garden

Mini Gardener

Don’t forget the little magical creatures in your life. Give them their own relaxing space.

11. Wine Glass Garden

Your Home Is Lovely

Create self-contained gardens in simple glasses.

12. Sound Garden


This concept speaker planter will sing to your plants.

13. One-Rock Garden

The Green Fairy

A moss covered rock becomes the perfect medium to a one-of-a-kind planter.

14. Altoids Tin


Give your plants a breath of fresh air with this minty tin.

15. Animal Planter Succulents

Love Maegan

Hollowed out figurines display the tiniest of succulents.

16. Moss Garden


Even if you don’t have a green thumb, growing this garden is easy.

17. Garden in a Book


Old books give substance and style in a whole new way.


18. Terrarium Fridge Magnet


Go green in your kitchen by attaching a new view.

19. Snail Shells


New tenants can really spruce up these pots.

20. Light Bulb

The Hipster Home

Repurpose these bulbs after the lights go dim.

21. Fingernails

Trend Hunter

This is one manicure you won’t mind getting wet.

22. Pothole

The Pothole Gardener

Beautify the neighborhood - no digging required.

23. Herb Dresser

Sweet Paul Mag (Digital)

Vintage organizers make unique and compact herb gardens.

24. Grow Bottle

Uncommon Goods

Recycled wine bottles-turned-hydroponic systems provide a clean way to enjoy being green in more than one way.

25. Water Glass Garden

Martha Stewart

Create a symbiotic friendship garden. The plant cleans the water and the fish provides the fertilizer.

Credit: Distractify

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