Nope, That's Not A Poor Farmer Checking His Crops... You Won't Guess Who It Actually Is

José Mujica might look like he’s someone’s grandfather, but in fact, he is the leader of Uruguay. Known as the “poorest President” in the world, Mujica lives a humble life. He even shows that he really cares about the people of Uruguay by donating around 90% of his salary of $12,000 each month. He donates the money to charities that help small entrepreneurs and poor people.

Mujica regularly dresses this way. He cares more about being a leader for his country than appearances and money.

His whole life has been spent fighting for Uruguay.

Mujica was previously a guerilla fighter. He fought for the rights of Uruguay’s citizens. In the process, he went to prison two times and was shot six times after he attempted escape.


"Residencia Suarez" is the Presidential home that Mujica could choose to live in, but instead, he wants to convert the home into a museum. The museum would be filled with personal belongings and documents of past presidents.

Instead of living there, Mujica and his wife have settled down on a farm.

In fact, he works as a farmer part-time. Both Mujica and his wife grow flowers to sell. In addition, Mujica’s vehicle of choice is a Volkswagen Beetle from 1987.

Along his street, Mujica has only two guards. He also has his dog, Manuela, who has just three legs.

José Mujica shows that he is just like everybody else, even if he is the president of Uruguay.


Credit: ViralNova

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