Norway Just Became The First Country To Enact A Zero Deforestation Policy

Wood is an important component in so many things all around us, from furniture to kitchenware to construction materials. Unfortunately, our voracious demand for wood has led to large-scale deforestation worldwide, particularly in poor, developing nations around the tropics - nations such as Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Indonesia, Argentina, Bolivia, Malaysia, and Brazil. What used to be dense forests, once home to countless different species of flora and fauna, are quickly disappearing.

In a major step to curb this trend, the Norwegian government recently passed a resolution to no longer buy any products that are associated with tropical deforestation. That means that the government will no longer award any contracts to a company associated with cutting down and destroying forests.

Over the last several years, multiple companies have cut their ties to deforestation, but this commitment was as yet unmatched by any national government. Norway is the first nation to take this bold step forward, and all products procured by the Norwegian government will now have to meet stringent guidelines. The Norwegians have also called on other nations, such as Germany and the U.K. to follow in their footsteps.

Protecting our forests is vital, now more than ever. They are the "Lungs of the Earth," and as such, are the responsibility of all the world's nations. Here's hoping more of the world follows in Norway's example.

H/T: Bright Side

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