Norwegian Couple Finds A Secret, WWII-Era Crawlspace In Their Attic

Just before this couple moved into their new house in Norway, the landlord mentioned that there might be a secret room somewhere in the house. Um, what? So of course the couple set out to find the secret room. (Who wouldn't?)

What they found is awesome. And slightly creepy.

Just a regular attic door. Not so secret.

When you pull it down, a ladder appears. Nothing to see here.

The attic looks pretty average, doesn't it?

Is that... another door?


It's quite small.

This secret room was used in World War II in an underground movement against the Nazi control of Norway. The people in the room would listen to English radio and release underground papers disseminating information. It was a serious crime, hence the secrecy.

In the room was a Norwegian sign.

The sign very roughly translates to, “If you have a bad stomach, then you don’t have access.”

An alarm was also in the room. It was most likely used for alerting people to go inside the room when trouble was going on.


A map inside the room was probably used to track where there was fighting going on, so the people could move, if they had to.

A doll’s shoe was in the room, showing that most likely children were also in hiding there.

It’s hard to imagine finding a hidden room in your home, but many people find interesting things left from past owners. Have you ever found a mysterious item from the past inside your house? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

Credit: Reddit

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