Norwegian Man Saves Trapped Duck From Under The Ice Of A Not Quite Frozen Lake

If you find yourself in Norway in December, taking a quick dip in the lake is probably the last thing on your mind. Not so for Lars Jørun Langøien; the 36-year-old made the trek to Sognsvann, a lake just north of Oslo, with a few coworkers to swim in the icy water. He ended up doing something much better, though.

When they approached the lake, they noticed that there was a thin layer of ice over the water.

As they strolled up and down the pier to check the ice in various places, they noticed a duck just disappearing under the pier.

When it reappeared on the other side, though, it found itself in a bit of a bind.

The ice was much thicker there, and the duck couldn't break through. After a few attempts, the duck had managed to flip itself upside down, getting stuck even further.


Without further ado, Langøien jumped right in to save the trapped fowl.

As the group had come to the lake for the purpose of ice bathing, he was already mentally and physically prepared to hit the water.

He cracked the ice, retrieved the duck and delivered him to safety on-land.

Once ashore, he discovered that things were still touch-and-go. Langøien even had to perform a little mouth-to-beak resuscitation to get the duck breathing again.

Once the duck was out of the woods, so to say, Langøien exited the frigid lake.

While it was a slightly different experience than he was planning to get at Sognsvann, he was ultimately satisfied with the outcome.


Langøien says he doesn't feel like he did anything that impressive, but the duck and his friends disagree.

Without his quick thinking and swift swimming, the duck would undoubtedly not have survived. And, as for Langøien, his fellow ice-bathers called him a hero for the icy rescue.

Via: American Overlook | Reddit

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