Nurse Surprises Coworker After Getting Custody Of Granddaughter

It takes a village. Caring for a baby takes every ounce of energy you have, and then some. It’s also incredibly expensive to procure all the food, diapers, and various other things a newborn needs - and not everyone is ready for the challenge. 

Nurse Sara Putnam wasn't expecting to have a baby, but she suddenly found herself taking care of her newborn granddaughter, Isabella. Putnam was happy to take custody of Isabella but, sadly, wasn't well prepared.

Her fellow nurse, Pam Medina, realized her colleague didn’t have the essentials needed for her daughter after she found Sara scavenging through the hospital’s baby donation box. She knew her friend needed help, so she threw out a lifeline on her behalf.

Pam (pictured left) is a Registered Nurse at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital-Forest in Richmond, Virginia.

Pam Medina

When Pam walked in to the hospital one day, she spotted Sara Putnam, a fellow nurse, rummaging through a box of donated baby clothes. Naturally curious, she inquired what was going on.

Saraelisa Putnam


Sara explained that she had recently been granted custody of her granddaughter, Isabella, but hadn't had time to shop for baby supplies.

Saraelisa Putnam

While many would have left Sara to her own devices at this point, Pam just couldn't leave her friend in that state. She went home and wrote to several mom groups on Facebook on behalf of Sara in the hopes that people would donate some supplies.

Saraelisa Putnam

"I explained her sudden need and that she was a hard-working woman," Pam said.

Soon, wave after wave of local moms saw Pam’s posts and started offering up what leftover baby items they had. All over Virginia, kind strangers were opening up their closets, their garages, and their hearts to Sara and Isabella.

Pam hopped in her car and drove all over the state collecting every little thing anyone could spare. When she finally stuffed her car to the brim, she drove down to the hospital to give Sara the most wonderful surprise.

Pam Medina


Sara wondered why her friend had been so tired that day, and she was floored when she realized the reason.

"I’ve been running around picking up free stuff all day long," Pam tells Sara. "And I've got more to pick up, I just ran out of time and car space."

With the help from Pam and compassionate moms all over, Sara has more than enough to give little Isabella everything she needs.

Watch the video below to see Sara’s reaction:


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