Officers Buy Groceries And A Car Seat For Family

Two Brevard County, Florida officers are being showered in praise by online commenters after they helped a family that was having a rough time.

The deputies of Brevard County Sheriff's Office, Sean Cronin and Anthony Gonnelly, saw that the mother and her family were down on their luck during a minor traffic violation stop. The deputies knew they wanted to help the family out in some way.

The two officers contacted the Community Services Team to help them get a car seat and buy groceries for the family. Two employees when grocery shopping and helped source a car seat.

Later that day, the deputies showed up at the family's door with the car seat and groceries. While the seat had been a donation, the officers paid for the groceries themselves.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey wrote on the department's Facebook page, "It is actions like this and many others that make me so proud of the men and women of the Brevard County Sheriff's Office who do everything they can to protect our community." Commenters were quick to praise the gracious deputies.

"Thanks to ... these awesome deputies! Just shows what they are made of. Very compassionate and caring!," said one commenter.

"So proud to be a resident of Brevard County where our sheriff's [department] is always doing great things for our community," another wrote.

Another commented, "Thank you to the deputies and the CSU team for doing the right thing and helping someone in need."

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H/T: Opposing Views

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