Old Dresser Drawer Is Transformed Into A Beautiful Display Cabinet

There are many DIY projects out there that make great use of old furniture like dressers and cabinets. In many instances, the furniture is taken apart and some pieces may be left out of the finished product. With dressers, sometimes the drawers are no longer needed. So what do you do with these perfectly good leftovers?

If you happen to have an old drawer sitting in a corner with no use, now is its time to shine. Mindi, from the blog MyLove2Create, has come up with a fantastic way to turn a drawer into a tasteful cabinet. "It all started with this drawer," Mindi wrote in her post for My Repurposed Life. "I have had it for about four years, and I got it for free off of Craigslist. It has been patiently waiting for a makeover and a new purpose in life." And she did not disappoint.

Here is the old drawer that Mindi had gotten for free off Craigslist. It had taken her a while before coming up with the perfect DIY transformation for it.

She began by removing the front with a crowbar so that the cabinet would be uniform on all sides. The drawer slides were also taken off.

Next, she reinforced the sides with Gorilla Wood Glue and clamped it in place to dry.

Using some leftover trim from another DIY project, Mindi cut one end at 45 degrees with a miter saw and measured it against one side of the drawer to determine the second cut.

She repeated the above step for the other three sides of the drawer. Then, using wood glue and a nail gun, she affixed the pieces at the corners to form the frame of the cabinet door.


To make shelves for the cabinet-to-be, she grabbed some more trim and cut them to fit the inside of the drawer. Then, she glued and nailed them on the sides and the back.

Mindi opted for two shelves, but you can make as many as you'd like. This is how the cabinet looks so far:

"Part of the reason I wanted to do this project is so that I could use some of this chicken wire I had picked up from the side of the road," she wrote. "I have been wanting to use it on something for a LONG time, so I was super excited when I was cutting it to fit my frame." She used wire cutters to cut them to fit.

Because she didn't plan to stain her cabinet, she used spackle to fill in the holes. This would ensure a smooth paint job later. After, she sanded the cabinet and cleaned it with T.S.P. (an all-purpose cleaner).

For her paint, Mindi used a white homemade chalk paint as the base coat, then topped it with a coat of white non-chalk paint. For a smooth finish, she suggests sanding the cabinet with fine grit paper between the coats of paint.

Now to affix the hinges onto the drawer cabinet.


Next came the chicken wire. Using staples, she attached the chicken wire to the back of the frame. Then, she fastened the door to the hinges on the cabinet and added the pull.

To finish it off, she hot-glued metal plates into each corner of the door, which would help magnetically keep the door closed.

The magnetic catch system worked perfectly for Mindi's cabinet.

All that's left to do is to figure out where to place this wonderful cabinet. It could make a fantastic medicine cabinet in the bathroom, or perhaps a spice cabinet for the kitchen.

Once that is determined, you can fill it with necessities and decor to complete the piece. For the full details of this creative DIY project, be sure to check out Mindi's post on My Repurposed Life here.

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H/T: My Repurposed Life

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