Old Dresser Remodeled After A Volkswagen

Even for those that didn't live through the '60s, most people recognize the Volkswagen Type 2 as one of the most iconic vehicles of its time. Simple-looking and incredibly spacious, the Type 2 was more than just a great ride — it was a symbol of the decade's culture. 

The popular DIY blog Prodigal Pieces recently did a DIY makeover of an old dresser that was found at a garage sale for $5. Taking inspiration from the Type 2, Larissa got to work and created something that would easily be the highlight of any bedroom.

Although it was in rough shape, there was a lot to love about this dresser from the start. The rounded top corners and patterned wood gave it a distinctive art deco feel.

Larissa purchased the drawer for $5. Some of the drawer handles were missing or damaged and their finishes were damaged.

Larissa started by leaving a wet cloth on the front of the drawers overnight. After absorbing the moisture, the veneer's adhesive started to break down and was easy to peel off.


After the veneer's removal, the next step was to sand the surfaces to remove any leftover glue and prepare the wood to be worked on.

Some of the more decorative wooden parts of the dresser were also removed because they wouldn't have fit in with the final result. Pieces like this can definitely be used for future projects.

The next step was to add a generous coat of primer.

Cardboard cutouts were used as stencils to pencil shapes onto the primed wood.

Once the design was ready, it was time to remove all the drawers in preparation to be worked on.


Larissa found some cheap drawer knobs at the hardware store to use for this project. After cleaning them up, she begins to paint them with her favorite shade of blue.

To give this dresser an authentic Volkswagen feel, she purchased this emblem off of eBay.

After painting in the stencils and applying the emblem, Larissa also used long drawer handles to make little windshield wipers.

Whether you lived through the '60s or not, it's hard not to love the way this project turned out.

Via: Little Things | Prodigal Pieces

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