Once I Found Out What These Small Black Dots Really Were, I Was Horrified. Wow.

Santo Antonio da Platina is a region in Brazil's Parana in the Southern Region. It contains the area of the Araucaria forest known for being one of the most important subtropical forests in the world. It's a beautiful landscape … until one day, you look outside and see a sky full of floating black dots.  What on earth are they?

Oh, it's just your worst nightmare. SPIDERS. Thousands and thousands of spiders.

1. For a second, you might just think they were some blackbirds migrating overhead.


2. But you would be wrong. Those, my friend, are no birds.

3.These horrific nightmare machines are seemingly falling from the skies.

According to a researcher at the University of British Columbia who studies social spiders (I really cannot think of anything worse than the phrase "social spiders"), this behavior is likely caused by the spiders' hunting migration or dispersion for mating. 


Credit: Lost At E Minor

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