Once I Learned How These Seemingly Ordinary Photos Were Shot, I Couldn't Believe What I Was Seeing

Odds are that either you or someone you know has at one point been really into making models. The painstaking task of carefully assembling, painting, and posing them is not for the faint of heart, as the most minor of errors can ruin an entire month’s worth of work. This headache-inducing problem is infinitely more difficult when working on miniatures, where the slightest twitch of the hand can ruin almost everything.

Satoshi Araki is an incredibly talented artist who takes the hobby of building miniatures to a whole new level. While many of the pictures you are about to see may look like photographs of the real world, all of them are carefully crafted stills of miniatures he has made.

Everything, from the trash to the graffiti, is incredibly well-done. 

It looks exactly like a photograph of the Batmobile hanging out in an alley.

It even has functioning lights.

I can only imagine how long it took to detail each and every brick.

There’s even a buildup of trash and leaves along the curbs.


Using knives, the artist carefully slices and picks at some models to create the illusion of rust eating away the car. The marks are then painted over and, while the paint is still wet, rubbed downward to make it look like it has rusted in the rain.

Although his work focuses on the imprefections of life, it also captures something beautiful and unique about the human experience. 

Everything, from the texture of the building to the collapsing rebar coming from the concrete, took weeks to complete.

From the size of his finger, it is easier to tell just how small many of these are.

While some models appear to be large, they are incredibly small in reality. 


This camouflaged armored vehicle was constructed on top of a ration can.

Each and every flower petal is made to look unique.

Occasionally he likes to model some of his favorite sci-fi and pop culture characters.

Satoshi Araki posing with some of his work.

Credit: Dose | Photography: Arakichi Blog 

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