One Family's Quest To Take The Most Awkward Christmas Photos

When most of us make the effort to send out Christmas photos, it’s usually something seasonal, festive, maybe a little bit cutesy. For the Bergerons, it’s a challenge to see just how awkward they can get. For over a decade they’ve been sending these cringe-inducing but humorous cards to their friends and family. Strangely, it doesn’t seem like the tradition has caught on with any of them. The really crazy thing? They took all of these photos at their local J.C. Penney.

2003: Nothing says Happy Holidays like hair plugs?

2004: Something unexpected from a couple that’s expecting.

2005: Glasses make your Christmas look smarter.

2006: A very photogenic Christmas.


2007: American Christmas.

2008: I’m getting conflicting messages, here.

2009: Not as bad as actually joining a gang, but tell that to their parents.

2010: His hair seems to have migrated south for the winter.

2011: An attractive family …. if you are a fan of Frida Kahlo’s look. 


2012: I mean, the world was supposed to end that year, so why not?

2013: Christmas means a lot of things. Including jazz hands, apparently.

2014: This is actually a pretty good look for them.

Via: berjon1

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