Only 6% Of People Can See What's In This Picture. Can You?

The Internet just can’t seem to get enough of brain teasers. Whether it’s trying to figure out how many zombies are crossing a bridge or spotting how many faces you can find in a tree, you can spend hours testing your logic and quick-thinking abilities. There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of staring at a puzzle for what seems like forever and then suddenly realizing the solution. 

This puzzle comes from Re:Vision user Ilja Klemencov, and it is an exercise in pattern recognition. The ability to recognize patterns is a uniquely human trait, but all of our brains don’t interpret patterns the same way. That’s why you can spend an hour looking for an image amongst a bunch of squiggly lines while someone else can spot it immediately. The goal of this brain teaser is to find the hidden image behind these pictures. If you can’t, don’t worry. Only a small percentage of the population is able to look past these linear lines to see something more. Ready to test your skills?

Look closely at this image and see what you can find.


Find anything? Look one more time … do you give up? Good. There’s nothing there. That was a test to see if you’re being honest. If you did see something, then you may have other problems to work out. Now, let’s go on to the real test.

What do you see?


Did you see it? Isn’t it awesome? Don’t spoil it for those that haven’t spotted it yet, we’ll give them one more chance.


Try slowly moving the image away from your face or tilting the screen from side to side.


Ready for the answer? Hidden amongst all the squiggly lines is a glorious panda. It’s ok if you didn’t find it, you’re more normal than the rest of us. If you did see it, be grateful for your visionary powers. But remember what the great Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” So use it wisely.

If you’re hungry for another panda-related puzzle, we’ve got you covered. The following image was drawn by the German artist Gergely Dudas and tests your panda spotting skills. You will see hundreds of snowmen lined up next to each other, but one of these snowmen is not what they seem. A panda is hidden somewhere in the drawing and it is up to you to figure it out. There’s only one, so take your time. 

Find the missing panda.


Did you find it this time? It’s a little bit easier than the last one, as long as you don’t have a phobia of snowmen. 


Ready for the answer?


How long did these panda puzzles take for you to solve? Let us know and share with your friends. 

Via: Diply

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