Oprah And Tim Gunn Give A Scruffy Farmer A Makeover

Mar 13, 2016

Back in 2010, Oprah Winfrey and Tim Gunn teamed up for a segment called "Oprah, Makeover My Man" that was a huge hit. It's rare to see men get makeovers since popular culture tends to put the emphasis on women receiving them. Movies like The Princess Diaries or Miss Congeniality are so much fun to watch because we get to see a huge shift in the way someone looks. Of course, we like to celebrate beauty in all its forms, but sometimes it's nice to put on a snazzy new outfit, get a fresh haircut, and show the world your best side. Which is why we were so excited when we saw what Oprah did to this scraggly farmer named Jason.

Oprah's crew found this farmer shopping in a hardware store and couldn't resist making him the subject of her next makeover. Upon seeing him, fashion consultant Tim Gunn nicknamed him "the farmer in the dell," followed by an apology to farmers everywhere. True, this farmer's outfit and hair could use some work, but Oprah and her team knew there was a "hunk" hiding underneath all of that beard.

We don't want to spoil how he turns out, but let's just say the reaction from the audience says everything you need to know. Even Diana Schmidtke, the celebrity hairstylist who has worked with people like George Clooney, seemed beyond impressed by Jason's new look. Check out the video to see the stunning transformation from start to finish.


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