Oregon Man Warns Eclipse Watchers To Avoid His Fate After A Partial Eclipse Left Him Injured For Life

As people around the country get ready for the upcoming solar eclipse, one Oregon man wants to let his story serve as a warning to others. 

Lou Tomososki was watching a partial eclipse back in 1962. He recalls telling his friend who watched it with him, "If you stare at it long enough the brightness goes away."

Later that evening, Tomososki and his friend both experienced vision problems, and they continue to suffer from those issues 55 years later, with Tomososki having permanently blurred the vision in his right eye. He wants to make sure people know not to stare at an eclipse directly.

So, will what happened all those years ago keep him from watching the upcoming eclipse? Absolutely not - he just won't be staring directly at it, and will instead just watch it get dark outside.

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H/T: Inside Edition

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