Organize Your Closets And Drawers With These 19 Geniusly Simple Ideas

When you have a lot of clothes, keeping things organized can start getting tricky. Stuff starts piling up and getting messy and all of a sudden your bedroom and/or closet area look like they were recently struck by a natural disaster. The biggest key to organization is to have everything have a place to be. These 19 tips and ideas will help you find the perfect place to put everything away. As long as you keep putting everything back in its place, you should have no trouble staying organized from now on.

1. Tie scarves to a hanger to save space.

Kat Black Designs

2. Clothes take up less space when rolled up.


3. Take some time to plan your weekly wardrobe in advance.

Better Homes and Gardens

4. Save floor space by hanging up your laundry bag. BONUS: Practice your three-point shot!

Don't Disturb This Groove

5. Use pool noodles to keep your boots from losing shape.


6. Use PVC pipes to store certain items.

Better Homes and Gardens


7. Shower rings double as a great way to organize shorts.

Monica Rose

8. Recycle your shoe boxes by making them into drawer organizers.

Real Simple

9. Put sets of sheets inside their matching pillowcases.

Martha Stewart

10. Stack shirts upright so you can see what you have more clearly.

All Day Chic

11. Use an ornament box to rock your socks (and by "rock," I mean organize).

Apartment Therapy

12. Use that vertical space and hang luggage above your doors. 

Her Campus

13. Store shoes in an old beverage box.



14. Use a soda can tab to hang more than one hanger in the same space.

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15. Organize jewelry in ice cube trays.


16. Donate stuff you don't need. 

HeartWork Organizing

17. Hide power cords and electronic devices in your night stand.


18. Use comforter bags to put old clothes in.

Attempting Aloha

19. This will clear up SO much space. Be extra-awesome and donate them instead of just tossing them out.

The Handmade Home

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