Oscar Trophy Is Hidden Amongst C3P0s

Who doesn't love Star WarsIf you're judging by the box office returns of the latest movie, then not many. Star Wars: The Force Awakens grossed just over 2 billion dollars at the box office, and made more money in North America than any other movie in history. The new film has reignited a cultural love affair with Star Wars that had been laying dormant for a while. It seems like you can't go anywhere without being bombarded by all things Star Wars - not that we're complaining. 

Unfortunately, for the millions of fans out there, The Force Awakens didn't win any Academy Awards this year. Though it was nominated in a few technical categories, it ultimately lost out to other well-deserving films. However, I'm sure 2 billion dollars is a nice consolation prize for the film's producers, so you don't need to feel too bad for them. 

A new Internet craze is combining Star Wars and the Oscars in a fun and challenging way. It looks like an image just filled with a sea of C3POs waving with his shiny and new red arm. But, somewhere hidden within all the happy droids is an Oscar statue. You probably never realized how much the two golden men look alike, but trying solve this puzzle is like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

Can you find the hidden Oscar statue hidden amongst the C3POs? 

Did you find it? It's tough, not many people can. Scroll down to see the answer. 

It's found in the lower-right corner of the original image. If you want to keep the challenges going, try this puzzle that asks you to find the panda hiding in the snowmen. 

H/T: Mental Floss

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