Owner Asks Dog Who His Best Friend Is, And His Response Is Just Too Cute

Dogs are some of the most lovable animals known to man, and pretty much everyone is familiar with the saying about how they are man's best friend. Whenever you're having a bad day, you can always rely on your dog to make you feel better.

The pup in this video is named Benji, and he lives in the Boston area. Recently, he starred in a video that's going viral for a very good reason.

While most of us don't think dogs can respond to questions, Benji's not like most dogs. When he's asked about his best friend and given a chance to identify it, he doesn't miss a beat. Although he's got lots of toys to play with, Benji's favorite is probably his stuffed moose.

No matter how many options Benji has to choose from, whenever he's asked who his best friend is he always goes back to his trusty moose. His loyalty is as commendable as it is adorable. However, just when you think you've got Benji all figured out, it turns out he's got a surprise up his sleeve.

When Benji is asked the same question where the new lineup of toys that also features a stuffed pizza, his loyalty to the moose is tested. In his defense, however, pizza is a pretty strong choice. It's certainly what I'd choose every time!

It just goes to show that dogs are able to express themselves a lot better than we might give them credit for. Benji's clearly a pretty sharp puppy who knows exactly what's going on.

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H/T: HeyyyBenji Official

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