Pack Your Bags - There's A Tropical Island Full Of Rescue Puppies You Can Adopt


If you thought that a vacation to an island paradise just couldn't get any better, think again. Sure, the sun, sand, and waves are a pretty killer combination to begin with, but we all know that the one thing that makes anything better is puppies. Yes, you heard me right - puppies at the beach! 

If you've got a hankering for a visit to puppy paradise, pack your bags and stamp your passport for the island of Providenciales in Turks & Caicos.


That's where you'll find Potcake Place, the only dog rescue charity on the island.

"Potcakes" are the type of dog most commonly found throughout the Caribbean.


The name comes from the bits of food left at the bottom of cooking pots, which were traditionally fed to these stray island dogs.

Potcakes tend to grow to be about 45 pounds as adults and have developed a reputation as smart, loyal, loving companions. Their floppy ears and wagging tongues are also pretty endearing!

Potcake Place has a virtually endless supply of puppies to play with and, all of them are up for adoption.


If you're not quite ready to make that kind of commitment, you can still swing by anytime you're in town and take a puppy to the beach for the day. It's a win-win for everyone - tourists get to spend a beach day with an adorable puppy and the puppies get more socialization so they're more easily adopted.

Best of all: adopting a Potcake is totally free, since Potcake Place is run entirely by volunteers.


Donations are strongly encouraged, and they have a whole wishlist of things that they need that you can either buy for them or bring to the island with you.

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H/T: Diply

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