Paper Towels Are Handy For A Lot More Than Wiping Up Messes. These 16 Ideas Are Smart And Functional

Paper towel. What did we ever do without it? When it comes to cleaning up spills, helping out in the kitchen, or getting windows sparkling clean, it’s hard to beat for convenience and ease. Recycled materials have made paper towel more sustainable than it used to be, but we’re also buying more of it than ever. And while the paper is always in demand, the cardboard tubes they’re rolled onto frequently pile up in the recycling bin or, even worse, the trash can. These helpful tips put that sturdy little roll to work and provide new and ingenious uses for paper towel itself.

​1. Use paper towel to dry your hair quickly and fight frizzies.

Total Beauty

2. Crafty folks might be surprised at this intriguing use for cardboard tubes.


3. With some decorative paper and labels, empty paper towel rolls make the perfect storage system for tights.

Dwelling and Telling

4. This clever hack will remove dents from wood. Use a small amount of water, a paper towel and an iron to steam small marks out of your favorite furniture.


5. To make paper towel even more useful in the kitchen, put a wet sheet under your cutting board to prevent slipping.

Start Cooking


6. Essential oils + paper towel = a non-toxic alternative to Lysol wipes.

My Lamp is Full

7. Similar to the tights system, paper towel rolls are great for storing plastic bags.


8. A couple of cuts and some quick folds will get you a biodegradable seed starter pot.


9. Scarves, table runners and other long fabric items can be neatly stored using paper towel rolls.

Real Simple

10. Tame that snake’s nest in your drawer, cupboard or closet by using toilet paper rolls to tidy up your cords.


​11. Empty tubes with eyes cut into them and glowsticks inside are a spooky Halloween trick anyone can make.

Princess Pinky Girl


12. Speakerphone not loud enough for you? This tube hack isn’t just a great stand for your iPhone, it also amplifies the sound for you.

May Richer Fuller Be

13. For once a hack that helps out this noble invention, a bungee cord makes an awesome paper towel holder in a snap.

Tailgating Ideas

14. This clever built-in roll holder puts the paper towel where the action is.

Princess Pinky Girl

15. Paper towel will absorb moisture when storing greens, keeping them fresh for a longer time.

Gen X Finance

16. There seems to be no limit to what you can do with these handy little guys.

Kids Kubby

Credit: Diply

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