Parents Are Sharing The Hilarious Reasons Kids Won't Eat Certain Foods. I Can't Stop Laughing At #7

Kids have the strangest eating habits, and most of it is psychological. For example, they might run from the table at the mere sight of spinach, and then gobble it down tastefully when they learn it's Popeye's favorite food. But sometimes, it's not so simple to change what they think about foods. Sometimes, they'll even reject foods they love for the oddest reasons, which is tough to comprehend for adults. Below, you'll see some of the strangest and funniest reasons kids won't eat something. 

As parents have shared, there are a ton of crazy reasons why “My Kid Can’t Eat This.” 

1. “Because although he loves onion rings, recently [he] learned they contain onions.”

My Kid Can’t Eat This via Instagram 

2. “Because of the crust. You need a microscope to see it but it's there.”

@its_nessi via Instagram

​3. “Because I poked a small hole in her ‘ribbon.’" 

@die.lopex via Instagram 

​4. “Because the banana broke while he was eating it.”  

@laurenlouise1392 via Instagram 

​5. “I folded his fluffer nutter instead of cutting the bread.”  

@meg_ish via Instagram


​6. “Sitting on the deck enjoying chips and salsa, but #MyKidCantEatThis unless he runs and dips the chip in the water of his kiddie pool first.” 

@caycejo via Instagram 

​7. “Because they're ‘blurry’ (wavy).” 

My Kid Can’t Eat This via Instagram

​8. “Because it's too cute. I actually had to freeze it so it could stay like this forever and he could visit it.” 

@elizabethlynne5 via Instagram 

​9. “Because it's not full.” 

@julieabrowning via Instagram

10. “Because this is a boy.” 

    @missira27 via Instagram

    11. “Because I told her she couldn't wipe her face on my pants after...She had a meltdown and ran away...”

      @cloverandblueberry via Instagram

      12. “Because the cheese is too stretchy.” 

        @jennrobirds via Instagram


        ​13. “Because I didn't open it. Another family member did.” 

        @shawna_mmm via Instagram

        ​14. “Because of the ‘weird brown things.’ Herbs. Those are herbs.” 

        @bkbroiler66 via Instagram

        15. “Because ‘it's not five.’”

          @ninnie_poo via Instagram

          ​16. “Because the icing cracked when he dropped it. He's 17.” 

          @maliajoy5 via Instagram

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          Credit: Instagram

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