Parents Beware: Strapping Your Child Into A Car Seat With Their Winter Coat Is A Serious Safety Risk

As a parent, you spend a considerable amount of time strapping your kids into their car seats. When properly used, car seats help keep kids safe in the event of an impact or sudden stop. During the winter, there's a tendency to strap kids in while they're wearing their big puffy winter coats which most people would probably think just keeps them warm and snuggly in their seats. Unfortunately, the true consequences of strapping kids into the car seat with their jackets can be devastating.

Children's winter coats are often thick and puffy, which can lead to a dangerous amount of room between the seat belts and the child's body. If the worst should happen and a crash occurs, that extra space creates enough looseness to render the seat belt significantly less effective. Take a look at how much space is created by a coat in the image below.


Keeping kids warm in the winter is obviously also a priority, but wearing heavy winter clothing underneath a seat belt creates bigger problems than it solves. We suggest you use your car's heat systems to keep the car warm. If that is not an option, you can also drape the child's jacket over them like a blanket, or use actual blankets.

Icy winter roads make driving more dangerous this time of year. This information could help save someone's life this winter so please, pass it on.


Find out more in the video below:


Via: Aunty Acid

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