People Of This Island Tribe Have DNA Found Nowhere Else On Earth

Scientists and scholars have researched the evolution of mankind extensively over the last few centuries, and we've narrowed down two major humanoid species that modern humans are most closely related to - Neanderthals and Denisovans. 

Now, scientists have discovered that the tribespeople from the island region of Melanesia (near Australia) have remnants of DNA from a hitherto unknown, third humanoid species. Researchers believe that this mystery species may have originated in the South Pacific.

A scientist by the name of Bohleneder, who has dedicated his research to DNA and its history, says that while most humans are descendants of Denisovans and Neanderthals, there is a small portion of the population that is related to this third species.

A study conducted earlier this year discovered a link between Neanderthal DNA and certain conditions like depression and cardiovascular disease, and that HPV was likely transmitted between Neanderthals and Denisovans. Due to these findings, Bohleneder believes that the true history of Neanderthals has yet to be fully understood. We still have large pieces of the timeline left to unravel.

Bohleneder believes that this third species is one of the missing links in that timeline, and helps explain why the people of Melanesia have such unique DNA that isn't found anywhere else. As of now, however, this still remains a theory - one that hasn't been proved yet. So far, they've only found a few bones and teeth that point to this missing link, so there's still plenty of work to be done towards unraveling this mystery DNA.

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H/T: Expanded Consciousness

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