People Pass By This Church All The Time, But Little Do They Know What Is Hiding Inside

Ontario, Canada, is a haven for urbex photographers, as photo blogger Freaktography knows. Abandoned houses and small businesses are common along Ontario's back roads, but a vacant church is a much rarer find.

Although this church was abandoned, it had not been forgotten. It was clear that a groundskeeper kept the exterior and the small cemetery in shape.

However, it had been many years since the church's pews saw any congregants.

The seats and Bibles remained in their places, just in case the church's members ever came back.

But everything is covered with a layer of dust and cobwebs.

The hymnals are still ready to go at the piano. It's out of tune, but miraculously it doesn't look like it's sustained any damage.


The sheet music for the last song ever played at this church is still at the piano.

A pair of reading glasses were left at the podium.

Along with the notes for the church's final service.

This church is over a century old.

Old enough that some of its older Bibles have begun to disintegrate.

The pages have begun to yellow and fall apart with mold.


Notes for the last scripture readings are still on the chalkboard. Amazing that no vandals have even touched it.

The stained glass windows are still perfectly intact.

Over the years, the building has become water damaged and a family of raccoons has taken up residence above the ceiling.

One of the congregants even left a pillow for extra comfort on those harsh wooden pews.

The church may be abandoned, but fresh flowers still appear on the gravestones.

Credit: Freaktography

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