People Who Won Social Media With Hilarity, Snark, Lies, And More

There's no doubt about it. The best and worst invention of recent years is social media.

There used to be a time when you had to ask someone before they told you what they had for dinner. Now you can't escape your next-door neighbor's fried chicken wherever you go.

However, there is an upside to this. Sometimes people share things on social media that are really, really funny and then we can share that hilarious stuff with you. So get comfy and relax, we are about to make you laugh with some awesome social media content. 

1. Use Your Imagination Like They Did In The Stone Age


Got no Instagram? Don't worry, you can still participate in the brag fest. Just use words to describe your good time and let others imagine it.

2. Boys Will Be Girls


It's kind of mean to think it, but these boys do have a point when it comes to certain types of young women on social media...

3. He's Killing It On Instagram


This is pretty clever and very funny, but it's also in fairly poor taste. We're not sure funeral homes were meant for this.

4. Coming Right Back At Ya


This is wonderful. This celeb set up an Instagram account devoted to taking pictures of strangers who were taking photos of him. We like it.


5. The Grin Remains The Same, Always


This chap likes his face so much that he takes a selfie every single day by the looks of things. We like the fact that his smile is identical in all of them.

6. Killing Your Credit Rating Online


It's hard to believe, but yes, there are people out there who are kind enough to the dishonest to put their credit card numbers on their social media. 

7. Even Dogs Do Instagram Now


This is what happens when you let your grandparents loose on Instagram and they have too much time on their hands. It's very sweet.

8. The Camera Doesn't Lie At Least Not From This Angle


Yup, we all know this feeling. There's a place to take that selfie from that magically enhances our attractive qualities and makes the double chin disappear.

9. The Social Media Vacation, Cheaper Than You Think


One of the joys of social media is how easy it is to pretend that you having an awesome time even when you are not.

10. Putting On Airs And Graces


When everybody expects you to wow them with the latest and best on social media, it's hard not to give in to the temptation to cheat at times.


11. Snoop Dogg Goes Doolally For Onions


Of all the strange moments on Instagram, this lady's hair must be one of the greatest. It really does have the texture of an onion.

12. Photoshop Fails Hard Sometimes


If you're going to improve your physique for your social media by using Photoshop - you also have to amend the other details in the photo to match.

13. James Franco Mocks The Papparazi


If your dream job is stalking James Franco, then there may be an opening if this snap-happy chappy has seen this post and quit.

14. Joan Osborne's Accidental Inspiration


Joan sang, "What if god was one of us?" but we don't think that this is the result she had in mind. Do you? 

15. When You Can't Stop Chewing Charmin


There's no getting away from the fact that eating toilet paper is a little peculiar, but it seems harmless enough... until you need to actually use the toilet, that is.

Social media is a source of joy and silliness in equal measure and we're glad that it brings so much that we can share with you.

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