Perfect Timing And Perspective Makes These 16 Dogs Look Like Giants. I Can't Stop Laughing At #9

Everyone loves a good optical illusion, and these hilarious and unexpected photos certainly fit the bill. While these photos might seem to indicate an earthly invasion of giant canines, it's all down to interesting perspectives and even better timing.

1. With his shadow hidden out of our line of sight, this pup looks huge. Luckily, he's normal-sized and the incline of the landscape is to blame.


2.  How is that man not bothered by the huge tongue licking his entire head?

Felix Lupa

3. Is anyone suddely wishing giant puppies did exist? This looks like a snowy ride to remember. 


4.  That is one huge pug, with one huge sad face.


5. That small pup sure is happy. I can't say I'd be that calm if a gigantic dog was about to devour me in one bite.



6. You know a dog's big when it can fetch right over the Golden Gate Bridge.


7. Standing in awe of the giant fluffball, rarely seen in the wild.

Faptain Jack

8. Proud puppy parents, with their real-life (and less red) Clifford.

Michael Palmer

9. Now that looks like the best way to cheer someone up.


10. He's so big, he literally crushed the dune ... or did he?


11. Taking a dog that's taller than you on a walk is no easy feat. What a brave pet owner.

JR Bids


12. If your car makes it safely over the icy roads, you still have to worry about the towering pup on the side of the road.


13. Help! It's a furry version of Godzilla.

Jasmin Leonard

14. If that's the dog, I'd hate to see the dog house.

Ruth E. Hendricks

15. This little girl has a heck of a guard dog on her side.


16. He didn't have to climb the mountains, just take a few steps.


Via: Bored Panda

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