Perhaps You Need An Indoor Thunderstorm Cloud For Your Home.

If you really love getting caught in the rain, but hate being outside (sounds reasonable), you are in luck. Thanks to "the Cloud" project by the Richard Clarkson studios, you can reign control of the mood weather in your living room. This interactive light and sound installation uses motion detectors that detect your presence and customize the thunderstorm according to your movements.

You can choose between nightlight or music reactive modes.

The Cloud is created from felted hypoallergenic fiberfill sculpted into a sponge casing.

It then becomes the frame for the speakers, controlled by wireless remote.


The Cloud's creators see this as a step forward in assisting the development of the design industries.

The Cloud's code is open sourced and free for the public to improve upon.

If you're ready for your very own rainclouds, Richard Clarkson's website is selling them. Asking price: $3,360.

Their non-interactive clouds go for $960.


It would make for some great mood lighting.

You can really appreciate the full extent of the Cloud in their video below, showing the lamp in action.

Credit: Richard Clarkson Studio

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