Photo Booth Portraits Of Shelter Dogs Are Working Wonders To Find Them New Homes

Apr 13, 2015

The life of an animal at a shelter is not always a fairy tale. In fact, for many adult dogs and cats, the chances of being adopted are quite slim, and the shelters rarely have the ability to care for those that aren't adopted for very long. In order to help adult dogs with a ton of love left to give find new homes, the Humane Society of Utah decided to get a little creative. Teaming up with Guinnevere Shuster, a local photographer, they created a doggy photo booth. Each pup gets a compilation of four snapshots, showcasing different sides of his or her personality. On top of being an absolutely adorable project, the photo booth has resulted in an over 93 percent success rate in finding the dogs new homes.

The project has made the Humane Society of Utah quite popular, and they regularly add new photos of the dogs they're hosting to their Facebook page. All of the dogs below have since been adopted, thanks to this joint effort, but you can check out the humane society's YouTube, Twitter or Instagram accounts if you are in the market for a new furry friend.

A Pit Bull named Athena

A German Shepherd named Caroline

A Bull Mastiff mix named Fuzzy


A Labrador mix named Remi

An Alaskan malamute mix named Bay

A Labrador Retriever and Australian Cattle Dog mix named Brownie

A Pit Bull named Princess

A Border Collie named Annie


A Basset Hound named Holly

A Shepherd mix named Asia

Credit: Twisted Sifter | Humane Society of Utah | Guinnevere Shuster

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