Photo Of A Loyal Dog Carrying A Bag Of Food During Hurricane Harvey Goes Viral

As most Texans are aware, the key to staying safe during a hurricane is being prepared. That's why residents in Hurricane Harvey's path cleared grocery store shelves before the storm made landfall. Through the various stories of preparedness and strife, we might have found our favorite prepper of all time in the form of this dog, who was photographed walking down a stormy street while carrying a whole bag of food.

The Houston Chronicle reveals that the dog, a German Shepherd mix named Otis, belongs to a five-year-old boy but was being watched by the boy's grandfather, Salvador Segovia, at the time. That's when he got out into the street long enough for this photo to be taken.

"I kept yelling his name and yelling his name and he wouldn’t come," said Segovia. He also says that Otis is somewhat of a local celebrity. "He’s the only dog allowed to lay in front of the county courthouse. He goes to H-E-B. He’s not a stray dog. He’s a good dog."

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H/T: Rare

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