Photo Of Dog In The Back Of Pickup Truck During Thunderstorm Goes Viral On Social Media

Recently, an image posted on social media went viral for the worst reasons, sparking an uproar amongst users. As you'll see, the outrage is very justified. A driver spotted a dog curling itself up in the back of a pickup truck speeding down Highway 465 in Indiana during a loud thunderstorm. It's common knowledge that thunderstorms are very scary for dogs, and the poor pup was trying his best to get away from the noise and rain.

Everyone online wants to know one thing: why was the dog not sitting inside? It seems pretty cruel to have it be out in the rain, especially when the passenger seat appears to be empty. The dog's owner, Blake Heidelberger, claims it's because the dog was muddy and that he put the dog in the truck shortly after this photo was taken.

Fox 59 News

He also says that his dogs are all "show dogs" who are treated very well. We can't comment on the veracity of that claim, as we currently only have a single image to go by. That image, however, certainly doesn't paint a pretty picture of Mr. Heidelberger.

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H/T: HeroViral

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